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Main Chat Room Log in Window (Christianfellowship)

To Turn off the radio, click on the blue square with the white dot.

This Site is funded by me and it does cost to run it. If You Would Like To Support This Ministry, Click on the donate button below.

Please Help Us with Donations. Thanks and God Bless you.

Audio Room Section

We Now Have Live Sermons, Bible Studies and Prayer Meetings in our New Audio Chat Room. Drop in the main chat room (Christianfellowship)
to get more info of Schedule Times and Dates of these events. You will be truly Blessed!

- Current Users in the Audio Chat Room.

Audio Chat Room

Join us by clicking on the button above (Audio Chat Site) when Live Sermons are conducted in the audio room.
You must register first in the main chat room here at (#Christianfellowship) with a real name before you can register here in the
audio room, if you do not the account will not be approved and deleted.

Please inform BrotherJim in #christianfellowship room by a pm to let him know that you have registered in the main room and
the audio room. Again, failing to do so will result in your account not being approved, Thank You.

Notice: If you are going to join this room to listen to a Sermon, Please join us 1 hour before start of service. Reason for this is
to address any issue or problems you may have with out interrupting the service with all your tech question or help needed.

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