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Welcome to Christian Fellowship Chat room, we hope you enjoy your visit here, to make it a pleasant one, listed below are the General Guidelines and Rules for the room. Were not enforcers of these guidelines and the rules, but order will be maintained at this site, so please respect that. May God bless you and have a good day. Remember this is a private chat room; it's a Privilege to be here not a right.

Updated 10/9/2017

1. (Warning) Please do not PM anyone or use the room /notice function to users in the room unless you ask them first in the main room first, it is consider rude to do so without their permission.

1a. For your protection we at Christianfellowship prefer that males PM with males and females with females depending upon the situation, this is for your protection.

If you do not follow this suggestion, then you do so at your own risk. If their is a violation of section 1 and 1a then please report this right away to a moderator on duty.

Notice: - Moderators on duty here does not to ask you pm you, they are moderators and have a reason for pming you. Thank you for understanding this.

1b. Do not seek Counseling from any users on this network or rooms on this network, Any Counseling requires qualified people.

Be Warned Seeking any help from users in a chat room can make things worse or cause damage. Please seek professional help or talk with qualified people who can offer you such help.

If you seek Counseling from users in this room or this network, then we At Christian Fellowship will not be responsible for such actions or damages that may result from such Counseling, you do so at your own Risk.

2. The purpose of the Christian Fellowship Chat is to provide a place for fellowship and spiritual growth for believers and to serve as a witness to unbelievers who may be seeking to know our Lord Jesus Christ.

2a. We welcome anyone here to Christian Chat, but if your intentions are not wanting to worship or to praise God or just fellowship with other believers and your real intentions are to cause disruptions, attacks, name calling, argue, ect.. in other words conduct that is offensive or counterproductive to Christian fellowship community.

Then we suggest you find yourself another chat room to hang out in because these actions or conduct will not be tolerated here. Sorry but you came here on your own free will, we did not force you to log in here. Then it may be best for you to go else where if this is your true intentions, if not then Welcome.



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  • 2b. Christian Fellowship Chat is a Christian ministry. We encourage every believer to study scriptures for him or herself just as the Bible says to do. We Believe in God's Holy words, the Bible is his infallible proof and the truth, all other doctrines or teachings will not be allowed here period, we stand on this principle, their is no debating this and please do not try to change our minds here, we know what the bible says, if this is your true intent then again you came to the wrong place.

    3. On topic's discuss in the room we do draw a line at some point as to what we find acceptable teachings or Topic's allowed in the chat room. Yes we do encourage talks on scriptures and the bible in an open discussions as long as it lines up with God's Holy words (The Bible Only) and done in a friendly manner with no fighting or bashing or arguments, if you were asked to change the topic (s) by the room moderator, then please do so or take it to a private conversation IE:PMs.

    4. We welcome all those who are not believers to chat and fellowship provided as long as you do not promote any False doctrine contrary to the essentials of this room or to the Guidelines, Statement of Faith and the Rules listed here. Section 2b and 3 is very clear on this subject.

    4a. On the issues not presented here, We ask that you please conduct yourself in a proper manner free of argument, bantering, Bashing or rudeness and that you would like to fellowship with a prayerful attitude, other words please keep your bickering or fighting or rudeness to yourself, it's not wanted here.

    4b. We ask that all believer's who chat here remember that you are ambassadors of Jesus Christ please conduct yourself according.

    5. Remember The chat purpose is to bring glory and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ not to mans world views.

    5a. We stand on Gods Holy words the Bible and the truth. You may not try to promote, nor teach, nor even discuss, or even try to convert any users in the room to Prosperity gospel, Word Of Faith teachings, False preachers, Agnostics Teachings, Islam teachings or any other religions such as SDA's, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Scientology, New Age, Wicca, The Quran, Calvinism. Don't even try to promote Roman Catholicism in this room, this is not a Catholic message chat site.

    5b. Do not even try to promote false teachings or even try to argue, debate nor even talk about the subjects on Same Sex Marriage or Homosexuality or Transgender, We here at Christian Chat Info knows what the word of God says on this subject. God's words is the truth and mans views are not.

    5c. All political talks or talking politics are not welcome here, if this is your intent to do so in this room, then please take such topics and talks else where. We at Christianfellowship do not care to entertain such talks here.

    5d. We do encourage questioning, as long as it lines up with Gods Holy Words (The Bible) and to be conducted in the proper manner free of argument and rudeness, bickering and that all would seek to learn together with a prayerful attitude and showing Respect.

    However we must draw a line at some point as to what we find acceptable in the teachings or topics in the room. The moderators on duty will determine this and steer the topics or the conversation else where when its needed.

    6. No use of slang expression (s) or use of any offensive acronym's that could be interpreted as a suggestion of impropriety or generally regarded as demeaning in nature.

    6a. No abusive, insulting, or derogatory language will be used here, remember be nice to each other.

    6b. No attacks on another chatter's religious beliefs, race, national origin, or gender, remember we are to show love just as Jesus Christ did.

    6c. No chats will be allowed that deteriorates into petty bickering, gossip, backbiting, or argumentative bantering. Please keep it clean and enjoy the fellowship here.

    6d. No form of solicitations or asking for donations in the main or in PM's are allowed here. Do not try to promote your web site any time in the main or in PM's or to other chatters here, it will not be allowed. Do not have your web site in your exit message, sorry.

    If caught doing so a ban could be placed upon your account by the Network Owner (BrotherJim) without warning to you. If you wish to share a site, then it must be approved by the owner (BrotherJim) before it can be posted or promoted.

    7. Posting links in the room are not permitted. Please do not post or advertise any links unless approved by a moderator. If you want a link posted please speak to a mod about this and let them post it if they feel it's ok to do so. Remember they are not required to post your link, if they do not then please do not get upset with them.

    Please do not try to get around or bypass the blocks, if you do you will receive a warning for doing so, if you try to do so after the warning, your account will be placed on a time out period.

    7a. Do not talk about nor post bans imposed upon you from other networks or chat rooms or even mention other networks in the main or in your pm's to others here. Such actions could warrant a ban from the Network Owner (BrotherJim) please do not push this ruling or test it, trust me it will happen if you do.

    7b. No stalking, harassing or private chat with anyone here with the intent to cause trouble, or act and or show inappropriate messaging with anyone, if your intent here is to cyber, stalk, harass or troll users, you could be permanently banned from this channel without further notice to you if a complaint has been filed to a Staff Member or the Network Owner.

    7c. Remember this rule above all We should conduct ourselves in a Christian manner, no lewd discussions on sex, no flirting, or any topics that would be detrimental to a Christian life.

    8. The Staff will use discretion in discerning these matters. This Chat room is actively moderated for your safety and protection. If you have any questions or comments or needing help with anything you may encounter while chatting here, then ask to pm one of the Moderators or the Owner of the room (Brother_Jim) in the main channel.

    8a. Please do not try to register or create any blasphemous or offensive nicknames, do not log in the room with such names that is offensive, consider blasphemous, or mocking God or offensive to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In all fairness to you, you will be asked to change it right away and then you will receive instructions of how to do so. Please do not play games with us on this. Doing so could only cause more actions to be placed upon the account.

    9. Please let the moderators moderate. Please do not dispute the chat room moderators in the main room or their actions. All rulings of Room moderators are done with the leading of the Holy Spirit. Moderators are here to maintain the peace here. Please Respect the Moderators.

    10. The chat room moderators are the ones who will monitor all topics, discussions and events, they will determine which is appropriate for this channel, if they ask you to stop, change topics or move them pm's, then please follow their instructions. Please don't bicker nor fight with them on this, they are doing so for a reason.

    10a. This is most important of all, if a moderator kicks someone, or bans someone please trust them, You do not know nor understand whats going on between the said person or the moderator. Please trust in their actions they are Lead by the Holy Spirit not by their feelings.

    10b. No posting of personal logs (PMs) in the main room, doing so without consent will result in a Timeout ban.

    10c. PMS from Moderators that are Ignored after several attempts could cause a mute ban to be place on you, Moderator PM request are not to be Ignored.

    The Moderator will let you know if you have been muted for failing to respond to their pms in the main. Then you must respond to them or the mute will remain in place for the duration of your stay here.

    10e. Make note of this, we will not waste our time nor efforts to talk to you about someone else's ban in the main room or this network. If you make an attempt to do so it will do you no good, I am not being rude here but all rulings here are final and they are reviewed by me (BrotherJim) for further actions or rulings if needed. Again please leave the issue between that person and the moderator, thanks.

    11. We are lead by the Holy Spirit to choose a candidate for moderator position (s), please do not ask or make a demand from us of how to become a moderator here at Christianfellowship.

    12. Please do not advertise this room in other chat rooms on their server, please respect their rules. Also do not talk about other chat rooms on this network in the main or even pm's. If caught doing so you will be warned by me and a ban could be placed upon your account at my discretion.

    12a. Please do not complain, bash or mock other networks, chat rooms or gossip about other room moderators, Room Owners or Leaders of other chat sites inside this room of bans imposed by them. You will be told to stop or face a mute ban for doing so.

    12b. Bottom line, they are a lot of Guidelines and rules here and some may seam a bit hard, but the main purpose is to work together to reach a common goal and that goal is to reach the Lost and dying world, let us work together and maintain the peace between rooms and other Christian Chat Servers.

    13. You will not impersonate any person in the community, if caught doing so you will be asked to stop or a Network Ban will be imposed upon your account from this network owner (BrotherJim).

    14. Note: We occasionally update or add to these rules but sure to read them and keep up.

    15. Christian Chat Info reserves the right to determine what forms of Christian "Ministry" will occur in community areas and to prohibit at its sole discretion any form of ministry that it deems unsafe in the community.

    16.We also reserve rights- to report any violations of the Terms of Service to the staff of ChristianFellowShip /or the Internet Community Alliance. To bar, restrict, block any user including Internet Community Alliance offenders for any reason at our sole discretion.

    17. Whilst we seek to foster co-operative relationships with other Christian Chat sites, A word of warning here if your sole purpose for coming to Christian Chat Fellowship Room is to recruit, or pull users away and/or cause divisions inside of this community then you will be banned, Sorry.

    18. By joining Christian Chat Info you agree to indemnify us from ALL legal actions and ALL legal costs, for disputes between ourselves and the individual concerned. Also by joining or entering this site forename Christian Chat and it's owner is not liable of any actions, slander or attacks to your character from users or volunteers (ie: Moderators or Helpers) in this room, again by entering this site you agreed to enter at your own risk and discretion.

    19. If a ban was placed on your account, Please file for an appeal using our Contact Us page and the owner will respond to you of such action or if an appeal will be granted.

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  • 20. Remember these rules are in place to protect you and other chatters in this room, We hope do you Enjoy your stay here and God Bless you. The Staff

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